The best “Would You Rather” questions you could think

In case you have ever been on an extended road trip or invited to a slumber party or spent a year as an eighth grader, you have likely played “Would You Rather.”

The rules are very easy and universally known. But on the off-chance you are visiting us from outer space, here’s how the “Would You Rather” game functions: You begin by presenting a predicament of two equally horrid-seeming (or sometimes equally enticing alternatives to the other player. Here’s an example: “Would you rather have sex with a dog and nobody in the planet knows you did it, or would you rather not have sex with a dog, and everybody in the planet believes you did it?”

You afterward smirk as the other player wrestles with such an impossible scenario. Once they pick the things that they consider to be the less terrible of two atrocious situations, it is their turn to think of a predicament for you.

The game is a regular segment on the Comedy Hit! Hit! podcast. Celeb guests including Ice T and Bernie Sanders are asked by host Scott Aukerman to choose the things that they believe to be the best of two horrific scenarios. The wyr questions are nutty and horrible: “Would you rather eat an entire Christmas tree, or have all of your children have Jim Carrey’s face from The Grinch tattooed on their chests?” is one question Aukerman posed to comedian Patton Oswalt.

The beauty of “Would You Rather” is its simplicity. The game needs no advance knowledge and no abilities outside a little creativity. But it is just as fun as the people you play with. There’s no denying that the more illogical and occasionally X rated “Would You Rather” gets, the more fun it becomes.

For a bit of inspiration, here are a few uncomfortable propositions compiled from Reddit,, plus our sick, sick imaginations.

The best “Would You Rather” questions

Would you rather develop pounds or be banned from the net for a month?

Would you rather an unrecognizable child photo of you be the issue of a depraved internet meme (i.e. Ermahgerd Girl that continues for years, or be the laughingstock of Twitter for a day?

Would you rather accidentally “like” a two-year-old photo of your significant other’s ex-husband whom you were in the middle of Facebook stalking, or accidentally send a sext to your mom?

Would you rather have to read every word of the “terms and conditions” when you are prompted to, or need to ask your parents for permission every time you have sex?

Would you rather be a millionaire or live in the world of Harry Potter?

Would you rather live in the world of Star Wars or treat a rare form of cancer?

When you die, would you rather have your charge card statement or your Google search history released?

Would you rather be allergic to chocolate or allergic to smartphones?

Would you rather play Pokmon Go in real life or The Last Guardian in real life?

Would you rather have your Netflix viewing history made public or your Spotify listening history made public?

Would you rather be in a real life version of The Walking Dead or a real life version of Game of Thrones?

Would you rather be forever banned from Tinder or be forever banned from all grocery stores within a -mile radius of where you live?

Would you rather have a hacker swoop in and publicize all the selfies you have taken in the previous year (without filters or have your personal email hacked?

Would you rather lose the capacity to vote in elections or the capability to say anything on social media (including commenting on people’s Facebook posts or enjoying their photographs on Instagram?

Would you rather have the capability to find out why someone you are dating phantoms on you or the capability to see actual phantoms?

Would you rather lose every one of the photographs you have taken on your own smartphone this year or lose every one of the books you have?

Would you rather gain friends in real life or , followers on Twitter?

Who would you rather bring back from the dead:

Would you rather be catfished or the victim of identify theft?

Would you rather lose access to a smartphone for a year and get a percentage raise on the job or retain your smartphone and also the same salary?

Would you rather have the last five photographs in your camera roll appear on a billboard in Times Square or have every unflattering photo you have untagged yourself from on Facebook reappear overnight?

Would you rather be able to select the individual who becomes the following President of the United States or the individual who directs Star Wars: Episode X?

Would you rather be forced to drink only pumpkin spice lattes and no other coffee for the remainder of your life or simply LaCroix for the remainder of your life?

Would you rather be forced to host a big dinner party and invite everyone you left-swiped on Tinder or have brunch with the last person who called you out on Twitter?

Would you rather lose your eligibility to text or lose your capability to give a high five?

Would you rather seem like Jar-Jar Binks for the remainder of your life or Siri?

Would you rather lose the capability to utilize GPS for the remainder of your life or lose the capacity to utilize a debit or credit card?

Would you rather don only Sailor Moon outfits for the remainder of your life or dress such as the cast of Hamilton for the remainder of your life?

Would you rather have the capability to see every text that wasn’t sent to you or the skill to see every text that is about you?

Would you rather have naked photographs of you leaked on the internet but not seen by anyone you understand or accidentally moon everyone at work during an important meeting?

Would you rather have eyes that can film everything or ears that can record everything?

Would you rather be doxed by Anonymous or have your advice leaked in a medical insurance supplier hack?

Would you rather have Reddit take up percentage of your day or gag take up percentage of your day?

Would you rather have Trump win the presidential election or have the voice in your head sound like Trump for the remainder of your life?

Would you rather eat the Twitter fowl or the World Wildlife Fund panda?

Would you rather constantly get stuck in traffic or constantly have a really slow internet connection?

Would you rather get chosen for the Hunger Games or the Triwizard Tournament?

Would you rather live in the Pokmon universe but simply have the ability to get one Rattata or live in the Harry Potter universe but be a Squib?

Would you rather get trolled on Twitter by hundreds or get called an bad name on the street by a stranger?

Would you rather read everything that Kim Kardashian has ever tweeted or be compelled to just use Kimoji for the remainder of your life?

Would you rather be forced to see your friends just once per month or lose Twitter followers each month?

Would you rather have infinite storage space in your iPhone or infinite storage space in real-life?

Would you rather live out the Zola tweet storm in real life or be made to follow DJ Khaled’s guidance for a month?

Would you rather have Google search results for your name confused with a convicted killer or a well-known pornstar?

Would you rather give the rest of the net control over your Twitter account or give your mom control over your Tinder account?

Would you rather have every photo on your own cellphone play as a slideshow for your family or let your grandma read your text messages with your significant other?

Would you rather be a wildly successful YouTube star who is inadvertently embraced by chan or a uploader everyone honors but no one watches?

Would you rather have the aptitude teleport every time you fart or treat any wound by yelling at it?

Would you rather have every Tinder match have the ability to read your other messages or never have the capacity to utilize computers or smartphones for dating again?

Would you rather be able to speak to your pet or to those who are dead via Facebook messenger?

Would you rather take a glance at your Mother or your Dad’s net history?

Would you rather have male birth control or six weeks of maternity leave for each woman?

Would you rather have dogs or cats forever banned from your Instagram web feed?

Would you rather sucker punch a Nazi or get into a televised discussion with a Nazi claiming against their points?

Would you rather have your face be a Snapchat filter every time there’s a full moon or never use emoji again?

Would you rather have a chilly three months out of the year or have to see a doctor to get viral marketing out of your head?

Would you rather consistently use LOL-talk in real life, even at funerals, or just communicate by means of a series of emoji that pop up over your head?

Would you rather have your most humiliating moment captured in a GIF that goes viral or face your biggest fear?

Would you rather never need to improve your computer or never need to upgrade your smartphone?

Would you rather have Batman’s abilities, money, gear, and lifestyle or end crime round the world for good but be poor and undetected?