25 Flirty Would You Rather Questions

Flirting Would You Rather Questions

Oh, great. Another dull game of silly Would you rather? questions. Or…is it? Amp up your game and surprise your puppy love with these amazingly flirty “Would you rather?” questions he’ll really enjoy replying!
1. Would you rather girl or rather kiss or be kissed by means of a girl?
Some men like to be dominant while others like a woman who can step around the plate and make the very first move. This question hey, and enables you to know a bit more about his character – Who doesn’t love to share kissing?

2. Would you rather have one partner or several at once?
What type of relationship does he prefer?

3. Would you rather possess flings or a long term relationship?
Again, that is not just a fun and flirty question, but it also gives a few hints into what kind of man he is to you.

4. Would you rather possess a hot girlfriend or a woman that is OK using a great character?
If the hot woman is taken by him, he could be shallow. Although he needs the lady who’s not exceedingly good looking but has an awesome personality, he is somebody who looks beneath the top. This really is certainly a fun question you’ll wish to know concerning the man you’re talking to!

5. Would you rather take a look at a girl from the back or the front?
Is he a ‘butt guy’ or a ‘boob man’? Possibly he’s a ‘gut man’?

6. Would you rather go out for your date or remain in?
Does he favor intimate nights cuddled on the soda with your chosen picture, or would he rather go on an outing on the town for dinner, drinks, and also a show? This not only says a whole lot in regards to the type of guy he is, but can get you excited in regards to a potential date with this guy!

7. Would you rather find true love or be rich?
Some individuals aren’t into the love game- some people don’t even believe it exists. Is the guy you ’re speaking to looking for love or would be preferably get his happiness from riches?

8. Would you rather kiss a girl on her cheek or her lips?
You won’t before you ask him know!

9. Would you date someone younger or older ?
This is merely a interesting question. After all, you may find out he likes ladies over 20 years older than him (possibly that’s his fetish) or that he enjoys them around his age group. The more you know, the better.

10. Would you rather visit a girl in shorts a short dress, or a skirt?
Every man has different tastes in what they prefer to see girls wear. Find out what he favors and wear it to actually catch his focus!

11. Would you rather your girlfriend wear red lipstick or pink lipstick?
Does he like that red hot girl with plenty of attitude, or does he love a style that is more innocent that is pleasanter? This really is a good, flirty question to ask and you can discover the type of makeup you should wear around him.

12. Would you rather get it done in a car or in a bed?
Hey, some men just like a little experience in their own sex life! Are you really talking to one of these?

13. Would you rather kiss a lady about the first date or wait?
Learn what type of man he is with this question that is easy.

14. Would you rather get back with your ex or find someone new?
Some men are still holding to old flames. You might want to forget about attempting to be with him, if that’s the case. But if he says he is looking for someone new, then keep asking him plenty of questions- you could be his next love!

15. Would you be my buddy or rather date me?
This is your own one- and we must warn you, be prepared for the answer. You may find out he just merely thinks of you as a great friend, or he’s a secret, ardent love for you personally. Wouldn’t you like to know how he feels while asking in a flirty and fun manner? Of course!

16.Would you give a massage or be given a massage?
Some men likes to treat them and really adore making sure their woman is relaxed. It’s great to find a harmony between the both of you, although there are a few who love being the one treated like royalty. Determine if he is the kind to pamper by asking him this sexual would you preferably question.

17. Would you rather a girl or a guy make the first move?
Acquiring the answer to the question is important, particularly if neither of you’ve made any moves. We already asked him who he prefers to begin the very first kiss. Is he a does he merely prefer assured ladies or bashful kind? Maybe he wants to make the very first move. Learn by inquiring!

18. Would you rather be fully naked or merely rather a girl wear lingerie?
By talking about what he likes when it comes down to the bedroom, become a bit more flirty. These kinds of questions seem to ignite a man’s interests, keep things heated between the two of you and construct the appropriate tension with him.

19. Would you makeout or cuddle?
This question is undoubtedly certainly one of the flirtiest. It gets him thinking the both of you spending time together in the most intimate manners and his answer might bring a grin to your own face. Is he a more hands on man or a soft cuddly type? You’d like to know, wouldn’t you?

20. Would you rather sleep with or naked pjs?
Possibly you like to sleep nude, too. Although we highly doubt he would possess a dilemma with you sleeping in the nude either manner it really is great to be sure you’re both on the same page.

21. Would you rather have kids first or get married first?
It appears like a daft thing to ask, we know. But it is a great question, particularly if you are really trying to become familiar with each other. Is he more traditional or does he desire to break outside the box. Where do his responsibilities lie? Although it’s not the question that is most lighthearted, it really is a superb one to ask a potential partner.

22. Would you rather cook or be cooked for?
Maybe he gets the skill of a youthful, hot Gordan Ramsey as it pertains to the kitchen. Since it gives him a notion of the two of you doing something intimate collectively like cooking, asking if he is a light, flirty question. Perhaps he enjoys picturing you cooking supper for him or vice versa. Cooking and food usually are inclined to greatly help bond folks, so it’s a great issue to touch on.

23. Would you produce a dedication or rather be just physical?
Does he desire to take things to the following level or is he attempting to keep it casual? Although he really loves to smoosh but isn’t prepared to be boyfriend material. You’ll never know until you inquire!

24. Would you rather be with a short woman or a lady that is tall?
Similar to the boobs or behind question, this question will give you an idea of what type of girls he is into.

25. Can you rather go camping or remain in a resort?
Start daydreaming collectively by discussing what you’d do on prospective future dates. Is he an outdoorsy type or does he want to take you for a nighttime in town? It’s hot to think of romantic escapes, don’t you think?